How To Fix a Broken Ceramic Flowerpot

“How To Fix a Broken Ceramic Flowerpot” was written by a paid contributor. All photos taken by Briana Colangelo.

I’ve been on an outdoor DIY kick lately, completing quite a few projects around my yard and garden. I’ve sealed my wooden fence, repaired a broken gnome, and even made custom signage for my garden. Next on my list is to fix a broken flowerpot that’s been lying around my garage for far too long. Keep reading, and I’ll show you how to fix a broken ceramic flowerpot fast using Flex Super Glue.


Flex Super Glue Liquid (any size)

● Gloves

● Cleaning supplies (if needed)

Note: Before using Flex Super Glue, make sure to read all directions carefully.


1. Clean the Flowerpot

Before adding Flex Super Glue, it’s important to make sure your flowerpot is as clean as possible. Mine wasn’t too dirty as it was sitting indoors, but I did have to wipe away some dust. Cleaning will help ensure Flex Super Glue will have the strongest hold.

2. Repair Broken Flowerpot with Flex Super Glue

Add a few drops of Flex Super Glue to the broken areas of the flowerpot, then place the appropriate pieces where they belong.

Hold the newly glued sections into place for about 30 seconds so Flex Super Glue can set. Once all the pieces are reattached, allow up to 1 hour for the product to fully cure before moving the flowerpot.

3. Add Flowers and Enjoy!

Place some flowers in your newly fixed flowerpot, and this project is complete. It’s that simple!

Repairing instead of replacing is a great way to save money on garden essentials. I love that I didn’t throw this planter away, and now I get to enjoy it all over again with some fresh new flowers!

By Briana Colangelo

Bri is a self-taught DIYer who's had a passion for DIY projects since a young age. After buying a 1958 cape home, she has been slowly transforming each room in her house. Bri also shares her designs and DIY projects as a content creator on Instagram and TikTok @d.i.y.bri.

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