DIY Garden Décor: Plant Labels & Garden Sign

“DIY Garden Décor: Plant Labels & Garden Sign” was written by a paid contributor. All photos taken by Briana Colangelo.

I am not a gardener by any means, but I try my best. My mom, however, has a green thumb! She enjoys coming to my house to garden, so I decided to revamp my raised garden beds to make them extra special for her. After cleaning up the garden beds, I wanted to add in some cute DIY garden décor. I decided to create DIY plant labels and a “Grammy’s Garden” sign to add some personality to this space.

 Keep reading, and I will show you how simple it was to bring my DIY garden décor ideas to life using Flex Seal products.

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How To Make DIY Plant Labels


Flex Super Glue Liquid (any size)

● 1 Flex Seal spray can, clear

● Permanent marker

● Gloves

● Mini veggie magnets

● 10” Craft sticks

Note: Before using Flex Seal products, read all directions and take proper safety precautions, such as being in a well-ventilated area and wearing protective gear while applying.


1. Attach Veggie Magnets With Flex Super Glue

I thought it would be cute to make DIY garden markers that had a mini version of the vegetable you are planting on the tag, so I ordered some veggie magnets to attach to the craft sticks.

Start out by adding a drop of Flex Super Glue to the back of the magnet. Then, place the magnet on the top part of the craft stick and hold for about 30 seconds for Flex Super Glue to take hold.

2. Label the Sticks

Once each craft stick has a veggie, it’s time to label them. I used a permanent marker to write the veggie names on the tags.

3. Spray With Flex Seal Clear

I want these garden tags to last a long time, so I sealed them with Flex Seal clear. This will help protect them from all the sun and rain they’ll encounter in my garden. I let the sticks dry for an hour before flipping them over and sealing the other side. It’s important to allow the sticks to rest for a full 24 hours before moving on to the next step.

4. Add Signs To Garden

Here’s my favorite part, placing the new DIY garden tags beside each plant. Look how cute!


I am beyond thrilled with how these turned out. I look forward to using these DIY plant labels year after year since they are sealed and protected with Flex Seal!

How To Make a DIY Garden Sign


Flex Super Glue Liquid, (any size)

Flex Seal spray, black (optional)

● Blank sign

● Veggie magnets

● Gloves

● 4” eye screws (2)

● Garden flagpole

● 1/4” mini decorative molding

● Vinyl saying of choice

● Drill

● Painter’s tape

Note: Use caution when working with power tools and always follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Before using Flex Seal products, read all directions and take proper safety precautions, such as being in a well-ventilated area and wearing protective gear while applying.


1. Attach Vinyl

Craft stores have so many different pre-made vinyl sayings you can purchase, but I custom- made this “Grammy’s Garden” vinyl for my mom. I started out by attaching the vinyl onto the sign. Just eyeball where you want the lettering and once you like the placement, attach it to your sign.

2. Add Trim

I wanted to add some detail to this pre-made frame, so I picked up 1/4” decorative trim from my hardware store. It came in a length of 96”, which was plenty for this size of sign. I cut the trim to the size of all 4 sides and used Flex Super Glue to attach it to the DIY garden sign. Add a few drops across the side you will be attaching the trim on, then place the trim on top of the Flex Super Glue and hold it for about 30 seconds.

4. Painting (optional)

I wanted the trim to pop and match the lettering, so I taped off the edges of the sign with painter’s tape and painted the decorative molding black. I let that dry before removing the tape.

5. Attach Hardware

Pre-drill pilot holes in the top of your sign. This prevents the wood from splitting. Once your holes are drilled, you can screw eye hooks into them.

This is optional, but I sprayed my eye hooks with Flex Seal black.

6. Hang DIY Garden Sign

Now that your sign is built, just slide the eye hooks onto your flagpole. If you have any leftover veggie magnets, you can stick them onto the front of the garden sign for an added pop of color. This was such a fun way to customize my garden and I’m in love with how great this turned out!

By Briana Colangelo

Bri is a self-taught DIYer who's had a passion for DIY projects since a young age. After buying a 1958 cape home, she has been slowly transforming each room in her house. Bri also shares her designs and DIY projects as a content creator on Instagram and TikTok @d.i.y.bri.

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