Flex Seal Releases Innovative Flood Protection Line of Products

This blog was written by Flex Seal. All photos by Flex Seal Studios.

After years of research and testing, The Flex Seal® Family of Products has officially launched its revolutionary new line: Flex Seal Flood Protection. This UL-verified* line consists of four Flex Seal products specially formulated to help defend homes and businesses from flood waters.

"This is one of the most important, innovative safety products ever to be offered to the public. Flex Seal Flood Protection is designed to help prevent damaging flood waters from entering homes and businesses, and we think it's going to help a lot of people,” said Phil Swift, CEO, Inventor, and Spokesperson for the Flex Seal Family of Products. “Every structure is different, depending on age and type of construction, so it's impossible to stop all flood waters 100% of the time, but our Flood Protection products can help by slowing down or even stopping water from entering your home or business.”

For years, options for protecting your property from flooding have been limited. Fortunately, Flex Seal Flood Protection provides a new way to help prepare your home or business for a flood, with no lifting of heavy sandbags required.

Keep reading to learn more about this incredible new line of water-stopping products.

Flood Protection Product Facts

Flex Seal Flood Protection products are uniquely formulated versions of Flex Seal, Flex Tape, Flex Seal Liquid, and Flex Paste that are completely removable.** Once the floodwaters recede, these products can be taken off in a few simple steps. Flex Seal Flood Protection products are yellow to help differentiate them from our original, more permanent Flex Seal products.

Our Flood Protection products are designed to work in combination with one another to help create multiple layers of waterproof protection. When applied correctly, this powerful line of products creates a forcefield of protection that can hold back water.

Note: Our Flood Protection products have been independently tested and verified by UL Solutions*. Click for more information on UL testing results.

Flooding happens. Be prepared with Flex Seal Flood Protection.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Always follow state and local warnings regarding evacuations. Never seal people or animals inside of a structure. Every structure is different, so it's impossible to stop all flood waters 100% of the time. Depending on the age and type of construction, there may be areas that cannot be seen or sealed. Unsealed porous surfaces, such as concrete, can seep water during extended underwater exposure. Not intended for flash floods. Patent Pending.

* The Flex Flood Protection line has been evaluated by UL Solutions and meets applicable verification requirements for stopping water intrusion for the specified gap widths, water depths, specified gap widths and water depths as described here. These tests were performed in a UL Solutions laboratory using manufacturer’s recommended application instructions.

** May leave residue or remove paint. Refer to FlexSealProducts.com/flood for removal instructions.

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