Flex Seal Flood Protection UL Testing Results

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UL Verification is a crucial aspect of ensuring the safety and quality of the products we use in our daily lives. By providing independent testing and certification, UL helps to protect consumers and provide peace of mind when making purchasing decisions.

After rigorous third-party testing by UL Solutions, we are proud to share that The Flex Seal Family of Flood Protection Products has received UL Verification.

Read on to learn more about UL Solutions and what UL Verification means for our Flood Protection products.

Who is UL Solutions?

Established in 1894, UL (Underwriters Laboratories) Solutions is an independent, global leader in applied safety science. Part of the company’s mission is the prevention or reduction of loss of life and property, with the overall goal of making the world a safer place.

What is UL Verification?

UL Verification is an objective, science-based assessment that confirms the accuracy of marketing claims. The UL Verification Mark serves as a recognized symbol of trust. It is given to products that have been submitted to UL Solutions for independent testing in a controlled environment to verify that they perform as claimed, providing additional consumer confidence.

Flex Flood Protection UL Testing Results

The Flex Seal Family of Flood Protection Products has been evaluated by UL Solutions and meets applicable verification requirements for stopping water intrusion for the specified gap widths and water depths as described below. These tests were performed in a UL Solutions laboratory using the manufacturer’s recommended application instructions.

UL Verification Mark 1:

UL Verification Mark 2:

UL Verification Mark 3:

For complete Flex Seal Family of Flood Protection products UL Verified details, visit: Verify.UL.com V114667, V165781, V855276

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