Extreme Meteorologist Reed Timmer and Scientist Mark Simpson Join The Flex Seal Family

Today’s Flex forecast is sunny with a 100% chance of an exciting new partnership!

Flex Seal is proud to be teaming up with extreme meteorologist Reed Timmer and scientist Mark Simpson. Together, we’ll be working to build awareness around severe weather preparedness and innovate in the field of storm science.

Keep reading to learn more about Reed and Mark, how Flex Seal products are helping them weather storms across the country, and what you can expect to see now that we’ve combined forces.

Meet Reed and Mark

Reed Timmer is one of the most successful and well-known storm chasers in the world. He holds a doctorate in meteorology from the University of Oklahoma and has been chasing storms for over 20 years.

Reed with a tornado in Mulvane, KS on June 12, 2004. Photo Courtesy of Reed Timmer

“I’ve dedicated my life to severe weather events,” expresses Reed. “Studying storms is my passion.”

His interest in severe weather began at the age of 5, after experiencing his first tornado warning. From then on, he was enthralled with dangerous storms and began chasing them as soon as he could drive.

Reed as a high school senior, visiting the University of Oklahoma. Photo Courtesy of Reed Timmer

“I started storm chasing all the way back when I got my driver’s license,” says Reed. “I realized I didn’t have to wait for storms to come to me anymore, but I could actually drive out to them.”

And Timmer has done just that, intercepting nearly 1,000 tornados, dozens of hurricanes, and even blizzards to date. “It’s been a wild ride so far, but the ride is far from over,” Reed states.

Much of Reed’s work has been shared in multiple documentaries and TV series, including “Tornado Chasers,” “Tornado Alley” and Discovery Channel’s “Storm Chasers.” His latest series, “Storm Rising” is now airing on National Geographic.

“Storm Rising brings the viewers on the road with me as we intercept tornados and hurricanes with science being at the forefront,” Reed says. “What you see on the show is literally what I continue to do every single day… I am constantly looking for opportunities to track down extreme weather events to collect valuable data, and now I have Flex Seal to help us with this mission.”

While on the road, Reed relies on Flex Seal products to help waterproof his storm vehicles and equipment.

“I’m a huge fan of the Flex Seal Brand and have been using their products for years,” Reed says. “My chasing vehicle Dominator Fore is covered in Flex Seal products and so is our science equipment.”

Mark Simpson, Reed’s righthand man and our extreme scientist on the team, is also no stranger to Flex Seal products.

“I’ve been able to combine my passions for science and dangerous weather to develop groundbreaking equipment that can gather valuable data from monster storms.” Mark says. “I’ve been using several Flex Seal products for our equipment and I’m a big fan of all the products - they really work!”

Storm Science Mission Powered by Flex Seal

“The science of severe weather is fascinating,” states Mark. “When Reed and I noticed that storms were becoming more severe and more frequent, we decided to start our science mission.”

The mission collects valuable data for extreme weather research.

“By capturing this data that most people cannot get, we are able to better understand the complex dynamics of tornados and hurricanes, which are some of the most impactful storms on our planet,” Reed emphasizes.

Reed and Mark deploy drones, rockets, and balloons that carry specialized sensors into severe weather.

“Since the mission began, we’ve launched into a number of tornadoes, hurricanes, hail, and other severe weather,” Mark states. “Although an unconventional use, we’ve been using Flex Seal Liquid to waterproof the equipment and it’s been working great. We’ve also been attaching the sensors in hurricanes with Flex Tape. One of the hurricanes even reached 150 MPH and the sensor was still there. The Flex Tape did not fail.

The latest creation, “The Gravitron,” is a miniature device designed for quick deployment into Hurricanes and other extreme weather situations, collecting scientific data that can be transferred to the ground in real time.

“This partnership allows us to continue our work with a company that truly cares. We believe in them and their products, they believe in us and our mission. This is a dream come true for us,” Reed says.

Throughout the partnership, Reed and Mark will be providing monthly educational content, based on our joint goal of storm safety, relief, and the pursuit of innovation.

“Mark and Reed are some of the most respected storm chasers in the world today and they’re doing incredible stuff out in the field. We’re proud to work together on our combined science and storm safety mission,” says Phil Swift, CEO, Inventor and Spokesperson for The Flex Seal Family of Products.

Never stop chasing and never stop flexing!

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