Flex Seal Helps Protect First Responders

The Flex Seal Family has responded to the COVID-19 pandemic by helping to create life-saving personal protective equipment for our nation’s first responders.

Being able to provide assistance to the Healthcare Heroes on the front lines of this pandemic is a privilege. The Flex Seal Family has always supported our nation’s first responders. So, when OrthoSpine Partners, a global orthopedics, spine, and biologics consulting firm reached out to us last week to help our frontline workers with Flex Tape, we jumped into action.

Flex Tape being measured and cut for Intubation Boxes on the left. The tape is used to seal all the edges of the box, shown on the right. Photo Courtesy of OrthoSpine Partners.

“The Intubation Box is a temporary protection device designed by Dr. Hsien Yung Lai of Taiwan. It works by sitting over the head and shoulders of a patient during the intubation process,” explains Brandon Lawrence, M.D., an ER physician in Phoenix.

“When we reached out to Flex Seal with a request for sponsorship, they did not hesitate,” said Mike Adams, Chief Commercial Officer for OrthoSpine Partners, based in Scottsdale, AZ. “Their rubberized, waterproof tape—Flex Tape—is the ideal sealant for the Intubation Box. Their product, along with their generous monetary sponsorship, will help us save lives.”

“It’s so important we keep first responders and health workers safe, especially during this crucial time,” said Phil Swift CEO, Inventor and Spokesperson for The Flex Seal® Family of Products. We wanted to help protect the people putting their lives on the line every day for all of us. We are so grateful we’ve been able to help provide relief and get the Intubation Box out into the field, protecting our healthcare workers.”

To date, over 500 Intubation Boxes have been built and distributed both locally and nationally. “We were so grateful and thankful to have your team donate supplies” said Becky Khan, an ER nurse in Florida. “We couldn’t believe how many Intubation Boxes we received! Anything helps, and knowing we have support from those around us just gives us more encouragement to fight this battle and protect our community.”

We’ve also donated Flex Tape for the construction of temporary COVID-19 Alternate Care Facility (ACF) tents in Westchester, NY.

Haugland Group used Flex Tape to secure the cloth fabric for COVID-19 Alternate Care Facility (ACF) tents in New York. Photo Courtesy of Haugland Group

Haugland Group used Flex Tape to secure the cloth fabric for COVID-19 Alternate Care Facility (ACF) tents in New York. Photo Courtesy of Haugland Group.

Christopher J. Frank, P.E. Project Engineer at Haugland Group, the NY-based firm that constructed the ACF tents said: “We were struggling to find a product to secure cloth fabric that provided flexibility and an airtight seal. We tried spray foam and a few other materials, but nothing worked. A team member brought a roll of Flex Tape from home, and it did the job. I placed an order for Flex Tape on their website and was quickly contacted by the Flex Seal team who offered to comp and expedite the order. Their customer service has been top notch. Flex Tape held its place through a nor’easter, with winds up to were 50 mph, leaving the tents damage free.”


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