How to Caulk Your Bathroom with Flex Shot |

How to Caulk Your Bathroom with Flex Shot


Caulking your bathroom is very important. Not only can it prevent leaks but it can make your tub, shower and areas around your toilet look better. Luckily, we help make the job a little easier. Flex Shot is easy to use, with no caulk gun required. It also forms a rubber-like seal that actually repels water. Many customers have reported great success with Flex Shot in their bathroom, and we know you will too.

How To Use Flex Shot In Your Bathroom

1. Prepare by removing any old caulk and cleaning the area.

2. Press down on nozzle and dispense Flex Shot to your desired thickness.

3. When finished, wipe away any excess Flex Shot.

Flex Shot White and Flex Shot Almond are both mildew resistant.

Tips for Best Results

Flex Shot comes in four different colors: white, black, clear, and almond – ensuring a nice clean finish regardless of your bathroom color scheme.

Flex Shot includes an extension tube. You can screw the tube on the end of the Flex Shot to help you apply it, especially in hard-to-reach areas like corners. Cut the extension tube to your liking: cutting close to the base will dispense a thicker line of Flex Shot, whereas cutting towards the tip would make a thinner line. When you are done, dispense a small amount out of the end of the tube, replace the cap and allow it to dry. This will form a plug. When you want to re-use the Flex Shot, simply remove the plug prior to use.

To remove old caulk, you can use a razor scraper and caulk remover. Just run the caulk remover along the old caulk to remove it. Once you’ve removed the old caulk, there will still be a bit of residue left. You can use a razor scraper to remove the remaining bits.

Make sure your surface is very clean. You can use rubbing alcohol or vinegar to clean, as these will help to remove any mold or mildew. Grab a drop cloth, and wipe the area completely dry. Flex Shot works on wet surfaces, but it works optimally on dry ones.

Once you’ve completely sealed your tub or shower, use your finger or a dry paper towel to wipe any excess. Flex Shot only takes 20 minutes to dry to touch, but give it 48 to 72 hours to completely cure. Each Flex Shot can cover anywhere from 40 to 100 linear feet. So you can tackle a large project.