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Flex Seal Liquid Reviews

"This stuff is great...My house was built in 1905 and I tried two other products to get my basement dry, which did not work. Flex Seal Liquid Rubber got the job done."

-Ron P.
Amazon Customer

"Better than expected...I received a quote to remove rusty spots in the rain grooves on the roof of my wife's 04 Explorer... We live in South West Oregon so could get 100 inches of rain per year...still no leaks or bubbling, or any signs of concern. Bravo"

- Terry R.
Amazon Customer

"Just in time for flood season...No sooner than the application was finished and dry, we had a week of torrential rain. The storage area in the basement was dry! Highly recommend!"

- J.H.
Amazon Customer

When buying a liquid rubber coating, there are several things you want to be sure to consider. The repair should be made to last, durable, flexible, and easily usable for the intended application. Here are some important points to consider when you make the purchase, all of which can greatly influence the cost, energy, and time spent associated with your project.

Less Water, Silicone-Based

It’s important to know what exactly it is that you’re purchasing when selecting a liquid rubber coating.

Many popular lines of liquid rubber are water-based with only 60-63% solids. That means up to 40% of the can is filled with water.

Flex Seal Liquid, on the other hand, is silicone-based with over 95% solids.

The premium ingredients of Flex Seal Liquid produce long-lasting, durable results you know you can trust.

Is Primer Needed?

Another key factor in deciding what liquid rubber product to purchase is determining whether or not you’ll also need to purchase a primer. Products requiring primer mean extra cost, time, and energy.

Some liquid rubber products require you to first apply primer when working with certain surfaces – particularly, EPDM/TPO substrates, PVC, and concrete.

Flex Seal Liquid does not require a primer to get started.

Apply Flex Seal Liquid directly on EPDM/TPO substrates, PVC, concrete, and countless other surfaces. Removing the extra step of priming saves you time, energy, and money.

Since most RV/mobile home/camper roofs are made of EPDM/TPO substrates, RVs have become one of the most popular applications for Flex Seal Liquid. For more info, reference How to Repair RV Roof Leaks with Flex Seal and 5 Ways to Use Flex Seal for RV Maintenance and Repair.

Easy to Apply

Many liquid rubber products can only be applied above 41°F (5°C), and suggest avoiding hot, direct sunlight during the process.

Flex Seal Liquid has an exceptional range because it is best applied in temperatures extending all the way from 32°F up to 120°F. Once fully cured, Flex Seal Liquid can even withstand temperatures from -80°F to 350°F.

Some liquid rubber coatings are only designed to work on specific applications. In other words, if your project includes multiple substrates, you may have to buy different liquid rubber products in order to complete the job.

Flex Seal Liquid streamlines this process by offering a single product that works on countless surfaces.

Whether it’s concrete, glass, brick, stucco, masonry, wood, copper, plastic, tile, fabrics, wires, vinyl, fiberglass, ceramic, porcelain, metal, aluminum, natural stones, foam, asphalt, EIFS, TPO, PVC, EPDM, CSPE, Hypalon polyurethanes, and more, Flex Seal Liquid has you covered!
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Stay Safe and Prepared this Storm Season with Flex Seal Family of Products

See How Our Customers Stay Safe
and Protected During Storms

Flex Seal is hands down one of the greatest creations in recent history. We used it [Flex Seal Clear Liquid] to seal off parts of our leaky weather drain. It has been through several storms and held up great! There has been no problem from it and it is extremely easy to use!


I used flex glue clear to adhere a glass tabletop to a set of metal legs…It went on smoothly. Now this table is going to be an outdoor table. So far it held up during one [heck of] a rainstorm!


I have used a number of the Flex Tape products and love them all…We recently had a number of storms, one of which, cause debris to strike a second story window…This allowed wind and rain to seep in. I quickly applied Flex Tape Clear which not only stopped the leak, it secured the glass in place until we could have someone come out and replace it.


This Flex Seal paste works really well. We just used it on the basement wall where water was leaking in from the outside during rainstorms. It has rained since after applying and no water leaked in!


Property damages directly related to storms in the U.S. topped over $1.8 billion in 2021, alone, according to the National Weather Service. While you can’t control or predict the weather, you can definitely manage how prepared you’ll be for the next storm that comes your way. One of the best ways to keep your home and family safe throughout the next storm season is to make sure you have the right materials on hand.

Flex Seal’s Family of Products are dependable, easy to use, and long-lasting – making them trusted and essential resources for storm damage prevention and repairs. Nearly every product in the Flex Seal Family can be used for countless applications before, during, and after any type of weather.

You can find Flex Seal Family of Products at thousands of retailers throughout the nation, which you can pick up right away to keep your family and home fully prepared.