3 DIY Home Repairs for Spring Thaw

During winter, damage can silently occur around the exterior of your home, only to be revealed once the snow melts. If you need to make DIY home repairs this spring thaw, The Flex Seal Family of Products is ready to help you get the job done! Our super-strong adhesives and sealants are a great choice to prepare your home for the changing seasons. Read on for 3 common home repairs you can make this spring using Flex Seal Products.

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1. Repair Gutters With Flex Seal

2. Patch Roof Damage With Flex Tape

3. Fix Outdoor Accents With Flex Glue

1. Repair Gutters With Flex Seal

After winter, one of the first big to-dos is to assess the condition of your home’s gutters. It’s important to clean out any debris from your gutters and downspouts and check for damage or areas where leaks may have formed.

If you find cracks or holes, spray Flex Seal on the compromised area to create a watertight, flexible, rubberized coating. Our easy-to-use liquid rubber in a can sprays out as a thick liquid and seeps into hard-to-reach places to seal leaks you didn’t even know were there.

2. Patch Roof Damage With Flex Tape

Winter winds and heavy snow can batter your home’s roof and cause damage that exposes you to the elements. Be ready to make emergency patch repairs with Flex Tape.

Our super strong waterproof tape can instantly patch, bond, and seal virtually anything. Flex Tape’s powerful adhesive bonds instantly to the surface and gets stronger with time and pressure. With its thick flexible rubberized backing, Flex Tape can conform to any shape or object, making it perfect for emergency roof repairs.

Flexpert Tip: Flex Tape MAX is a great choice for larger repairs that require more coverage.

3. Fix Outdoor Accents With Flex Glue

Fence posts, mailboxes, and other outdoor accents can take a beating during the frigid months. If you find items around the exterior of your home that are loose or have fallen off, use Flex Glue to secure them firmly back into place.

Our easy-to-use, super strong, waterproof adhesive has amazing instant grab and hold. It works on all types of surfaces, including wood, metal, foam, rubber, and more.

For projects big or small, Flex Seal Products can help you do them all!

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