10 Practical Uses for Flex Super Wide Duct Tape

“10 Uses for Flex Super Wide Duct Tape” was written by a paid contributor. All photos by Flex Seal Studios.

Flex Super Wide Duct Tape has countless uses. Available in 4.6” and 7.5” widths, this super-strong duct tape is up to 300% wider than standard 1.88-inch rolls. Unlike traditional duct tape, our Flex Super Wide duct tape uses a powerful, thick rubber adhesive and a reinforced backing to stick securely to almost any surface. It’s also removable, repositionable, and conveniently tears by hand, so you never need to rip away more than you need for your project or repair.

Flex Duct Tape is sold in 20-foot lengths, so it’s possible to complete a full range of projects with a single roll. Whether you need the full width to patch a large area or a thin strip for a small application, Flex Super Wide Duct Tape has you covered!

What is duct tape used for anyway? Here are some of the most common applications that help our customers.

10 Duct Tape Uses

1. Furniture Repairs

Normal wear and tear can lead to rips, tears, and snags in the fabric of your sofa or chairs. If you notice that a seam is under duress or the fabric has torn, apply a length of Flex Super Wide Duct Tape. It will bond to the surrounding fibers and help prolong the life of your furniture.

2. Automobile Repairs

Flex Super Wide Duct Tape can help with temporary car and truck repairs. If you need to apply a sheet of plastic over a broken window, reattach your damaged side mirror, secure a bumper, or repair a tear in your seats, Flex Duct Tape can come to the rescue. It's durable and weather-resistant, making it a superior choice for the interior and exterior of your automobile.

3. Cable and Cord Management

Keep your computer and cables under wraps with a piece of Flex Super Wide Duct Tape. This premium duct tape is wider than traditional 1.88-inch duct tape, and it’s strong, too. It’s easy to guide the cords and secure them. Anchor the wires behind your wall-mounted television, disguise the internet cables along the baseboard, or even use it outdoors or in your garage to help manage your tangle of extension cords.

4. AC Unit and Ductwork

Flex Super Wide Duct Tape isn’t meant to be electrical tape or serve the same purpose as metal duct tape, but it does do a great job at sealing cracks in your ductwork or around a window AC unit to make your systems more efficient.

5. Camping & RV Fabric Patching

A rip in the fabric of your camping tent, outdoor umbrella, tarp, or RV canopy can really spoil a trip. A strip of Flex Super Wide Duct Tape can save the day and put you back in good spirits. Apply the tape directly to the fabric to patch the tear and carry on with your journey. Keep in mind that Flex Duct Tape may not bond to water-repellent surfaces or to fabric while it’s wet.

6. Reinforcing Boxes

Make your moving and storage boxes more durable with our strong Flex Duct Tape. Use it to reinforce the bottom of the box, repair a tear in the side, or seal the top. It’s a lot easier to pack and carry boxes that you know aren’t going to fall apart under the weight of their contents.

7. Lint Removal

Remove lint, hair, and pet fur from your clothing and furniture with ease. Create a reverse loop of Flex Super Wide Duct Tape with the sticky side facing out and roll it along your garments and household furnishings to clean the fibers.

8. Weatherproofing Seal

Improving the seal around your windows and doors is essential for reducing drafts on a cold day. Use narrow lengths of Flex Super Wide Duct Tape to seal around the edges of your windows or enhance weakened rubber seals around your door. Just remember, Flex Super Wide Duct Tape isn’t meant to be continuously submerged underwater. It’s weatherproof and water-resistant but not intended as a long-term or permanent fix.

9. Arts & Crafts

Flex Super Wide Duct Tape is a great product to use with everyday crafts and projects. You can use it to create a DIY duct tape wallet, build structures of popsicle sticks, or create negative areas in complex paintings.

10. General Household Repairs

Keep Flex Super Wide Duct Tape on hand for a multitude of home improvement projects and repairs. You can easily repair cracked plastic bins to extend the life of your hard-working storage containers. Our strong Flex Duct Tape is also good for reinforcing handles on laundry baskets. In a pinch, you can stop the edge of a carpet from fraying, fix broken bookbinding, and even patch a tear in your window or storm door screen.

There are so many duct tape uses, so it’s always good to have a roll on hand. Whether you need it to make a repair right now or want to keep one on your workbench for a future purpose, Flex Super Wide Duct Tape is a great choice for a wide variety of projects.

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