Phil Swift Made World’s 1st Flex Paste™ Rubber Boat

Flex Paste is an innovative new product from The Flex Seal Family of Products. It starts out as a super thick paste and transforms into a strong, flexible, watertight rubber coating. Flex Paste clings to surfaces, instantly filling in gaps and holes. You can also spread and shape Flex Paste to take on just about any form, and you can paint over it with any color. Plus, Flex Paste is UV, chemical and mildew resistant and can be used within a wide range of temperatures, including extreme heat, driving rain, or freezing cold.

“This is a revolutionary new product. There is nothing like this on the market,” says Phil Swift, CEO and spokesperson. “You know what’s really cool about this is that you can apply it to wet surfaces, so if it’s raining and you’re having a leak in your basement window, you can literally go out there and seal it up to stop the flood right away!”

To show the strength and flexibility of the new product, Swift made a boat using nothing but Flex Paste and chicken wire.

Flex Paste being applied to chicken wire.

“Not only did Flex Paste seal up every hole in the chicken wire, but it created a strong, watertight barrier that bends and stays flexible,” Swift says while out on the water. “And the inside stayed completely dry!”

The commercial, which begins airing today, also demonstrates other ways to use Flex Paste, like shaping, painting and molding crafts, filling up holes to keep unwanted pests away, and sealing up windows or doors to prevent flood damage.

Flex Paste is now available and will soon be available at several retail stores nationwide. Check out the complete video below.


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