Flex Super Glue Joins the Flex Seal Family of Products

This “Flex Super Glue” blog was written by an in-house contributor. All images by Flex Seal Studios.

We just made a super addition to our Family of Products  Flex Super Glue™!

Flex Super Glue is an extremely durable, instant adhesive that creates a super strong bond in seconds. Our high-performance super glue dries crystal clear and can be used on almost any material including plastic, metal, ceramic, leather, and more. This fast-drying adhesive bonds instantly and is perfect for many household fixes and crafts.

“We’re excited to add Flex Super Glue to our powerful line of products," said Phil Swift, CEO, Inventor, and Spokesperson for the Flex Seal Family of Products. “This compact and versatile adhesive is just the thing to have on hand for fast fixes and projects around your home.”

*WARNING - this is an extremely dangerous demonstration, DO NOT ATTEMPT. This demonstration was performed in a controlled setting by a team of professionals and is for demonstration purposes only. Specific, detailed preparation was required using industrial-level tooling in a professional machine shop. Go to http://flexsealproducts.com/3tonlift to learn how we lifted three tons.

Flex Super Glue is super powerful – just one drop can hold up to 6,000 pounds!

Read on to learn more about our newest product line.

Meet the Flex Super Glue Crew

The Flex Super Glue product line includes both a liquid and gel formula, available in various sizes and application types to suit consumers’ needs.

Our 2-piece cap assembly allows the product to be applied with the included precision tip or directly from the larger bottle opening. The brush applicator option (liquid only) allows the product to be brushed onto items. Let's take a closer look at the two types of formulas.

Flex Super Glue Liquid

Flex Super Glue Liquid is formulated for maximum bonding power and quick dry time. Our Liquid formula has an ultra-fast drying time of 5-45 seconds (depending on application type). It is available in the following options:

● 20g bottle with precision tip

● 3g tube value 2-pack

Flex Super Glue Gel

Flex Super Glue Gel is designed to be a thicker, more viscous formulation, creating a no-drip and no-run application experience. Our gel formula allows for more time to place and set the areas to be glued before final bonding.

Flex Super Glue Gel is available in the following options:

● 3g tube value 2-pack

With multiple, easy-to-use options, Flex Super Glue is the perfect adhesive to keep around your home or in your car. Don’t wait for damage to happen, pick up Flex Super Glue today!

By Paula Falcon

Paula is an Associate Editor at The Flex Seal Family of Products, where she focuses on writing and editing articles for the company’s blog.

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