Flex Seal® Releases Two New Products for Summer

WESTON, Fla. (August 2, 2022) -- Just in time for summer road trips and pool days, The Flex Seal Family of Products announces their new Auto/RV Repair Kit and Inflatable Patch & Repair Kit.

Auto/RV Repair Kit

The Auto/RV Repair Kit combines the power and versatility of Flex Tape and Flex Glue for common automotive repairs. Loose parts, rips, and other pending repairs can be annoying and even dangerous if left unrepaired. Flex Seal’s Auto/RV Repair Kit provides a convenient solution to help make quick automotive repairs such as rips and tears, headlights, antennas, vents, securing exterior trim, and much more.

“This Kit features two of our best-selling products in one portable package and is great for on-the-go repairs. Every car owner should have this in their vehicle,” said Phil Swift, CEO, Inventor, and Spokesman for The Flex Seal Family of Products.

Auto/RV Repair Kit includes:

● 1 Flex Glue® Mini White, 0.75 oz. Tube

● 1 Flex Tape® Mini Clear, 3″ x 4″ Patch

● 1 Flex Tape® Mini Black, 3″ x 4″ Patch

Inflatable Patch and Repair

PVC inflatables frequently suffer from air leaks, punctures, rips, and tears. Flex Seal’s Inflatable Patch & Repair Kit provides a durable, no-mess solution to stop those leaks instantly. It is also UV resistant and VOC-free.

The Kit includes a super-strong, rubberized, crystal clear patch designed to instantly seal air leaks in all PVC plastic inflatables with a smooth surface. Flex Seal's Inflatable Patch and Repair Kit is now available in a 2-patch or 4-patch pack.

"Having to throw away like-new rafts or pool floats because of a single leak is inconvenient, costly and wasteful. With the Flex Seal Inflatable Patch and Repair Kit, I was able to extend the life of inflatables, which would have only lasted one summer, for many more to come," said Briana Colangelo, Flex Seal Ambassador and DIY expert.

About The Flex Seal Family of Products

Swift Response, LLC is the distributor and marketer of The Flex Seal® Family of Products. Founded in 2011, the company provides various DIY home repair and maintenance products specializing in waterproofing, adhesive, bonding, and sealing.

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