How To Fix a Hole in an Air Mattress

This “How to Fix a Hole in an Air Mattress” blog was written by a paid contributor. All photos were taken by Melanie Snavely.

As RVers, my husband and I are used to camping in comfort. If we ever decide to camp without the RV, we always bring an air mattress. However, I’ve learned from experience that nothing can dampen the joys of a camping trip quicker than a busted air mattress. If you’ve been there, you know this to be true.

Learning how to fix a hole in an air mattress can prepare you for this type of situation. Lucky for you, to help bring back the joy and get the job done, all you’ll need to pack is this single item before hitting the road – Flex Seal’s Inflatable Patch & Repair Kit!

This super-portable kit comes with 3 x 4-inch clear patches and is available in a two or four-pack. It’s UV resistant, VOC-free, and works great on all smooth PVC surfaces. Most of the time, we are camping in remote locations, so it’s not always easy to go out and buy a new air mattress, not to mention that they can be expensive. Knowing we have the Flex Seal Inflatable Patch & Repair Kit easily accessible gives us peace of mind.

Read on to learn how to fix an air mattress with this convenient kit in just a few simple steps.

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Inflatable Patch & Repair Kit

● Scissors (optional)


1. Grab Your Air Mattress Repair Kit

This step is super easy! Grab the Flex Seal Inflatable Patch & Repair Kit from your camping tool kit.

2. Identify the Hole in the Air Mattress and Prep Area

Sometimes, it’s easy to spot an air mattress hole. But it can be challenging in some situations. If you can't identify where the air mattress is leaking, you may need to inflate it and feel for any areas with airflow.

Once you’ve found the trouble spot, make sure to fully deflate the mattress before securing the patch. Doing so will allow the best bond between the patch and the air mattress. Once deflated, you want to wipe away any dirt, oil, or grease from the area to ensure the surface is clean and dry.

3. Cut the Patch to Size (Optional)

Depending on the hole size, you may not need the entire inflatable mattress patch. Before peeling off the backing, measure the size of the hole by placing the patch over it. If the hole is small, you can cut the patch to size and save the rest for another repair. Just make sure the patch covers well beyond the hole or tear.

4. Peel Backing Off of Patch

Once you’ve cut the patch to size, pick a corner and lift the edge of the patch gently, and then slowly peel the backing off.

5. Stick the Patch Over the Air Mattress Hole

Starting from one side of the hole, use your fingers to lay the patch across the desired area. It's best to place something hard under the air mattress, such as a wooden plank, to make sure the mattress is as flat as possible. Press the patch down until the patch completely covers the hole, removing any air pockets, bubbles, or creases as you go. If you have a roller or similar tool available, you can use it to help press the patch more firmly onto the air mattress.

Securing patch with a rolling tool. Photo by Melanie Snavely.

Flexpert Tip: Use care when applying the patch. Once it’s bonded, the patch cannot be repositioned.

6. Inflate Your Air Mattress and Sleep Well!

The Inflatable Patch & Repair Kit in action! Photo by Melanie Snavely.

And now you know how to fix a hole in an air mattress using Flex Seal’s Inflatable Patch & Repair Kit! Pat yourself on the back for all that "hard work." Now you can inflate your air mattress and sleep soundly.

We love knowing how to fix an air mattress with very little fuss. The Flex Seal Inflatable Patch & Repair Kit is an excellent inflatable air mattress patch, and we won't go camping without it!

By Melanie Snavely

Melanie is the writer and content producer for Life’s Sweet Journey. Her husband, Andrew, is along for the ride and makes cameos when things get technical. They have been across the country and back again, living in their 34ft Keystone Cougar for the past 3+ years. They share their travels, love for local restaurants and breweries, and any RV mishaps that happen along the way. You can find them on YouTube and Instagram at Life’s Sweet Journey.

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