3 Easy DIY Rustic Wedding Decorations

From the venue to dinner and everything in between, wedding expenses can add up fast!

DIY wedding decorations not only bring down the cost of your wedding but can also provide your guests with a unique and unforgettable experience.

Check out three easy ways Flex Seal Minis can help you create gorgeous, budget-friendly DIY rustic wedding décor to pull off your dream wedding in style!

Note: Before starting each craft, carefully read all the directions for each Flex Seal product.

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       1. DIY Wedding Table Numbers with Flex Seal

       2. DIY Wedding Bouquet with Flex Tape and Flex Glue

       3. DIY Wedding Centerpieces with Flex Glue

1. DIY Wedding Table Numbers with Flex Seal

Turn heads and make an unforgettable impression by creating these DIY wedding table numbers.

Using Flex Seal spray on a simple wooden plaque, you can create timeless, elegant, and waterproof table numbers that are absolutely stunning!


Flex Seal Spray Mini

● Stencil with adhesive backing

● Wooden Board (or any backing you prefer)

Flexpert Tip: While we used a wooden plaque, you should feel free to use something unique and all your own for a table number base. Other ideas include meaningful personal items, such as upcycled wine bottles, vintage books, or mirrors.


1. Adhere Stencil to Backing

First, place a stencil onto each wooden board or type of backing of your choosing.

Flexpert Tip: Make sure the stencil has an adhesive backing so it can stick to the surface and ensure you get clean lines once you peel it away.

2. Apply Flex Seal to Surface

In a well-ventilated area, apply Flex Seal spray onto the surface of each stencil and the backing. Hold the can 8-10 inches away from the surface and use gentle sweeping motions as you spray to cover the area thoroughly.

Flexpert Tip: Make sure to let Flex Seal dry and cure completely before removing the stencils. Flex Seal takes up to 24-48 hours to fully cure.

3. Remove Stencil

Once the Flex Seal is fully cured, carefully remove the stencils from each backing. Take your time removing the stencil for best results.

And you’re done. Easy as that. Now you have rustic DIY wedding table numbers that will impress your guests for less!

2. DIY Wedding Bouquet with Flex Tape and Flex Glue

If you plan on throwing your bouquet, you need to make sure it stays together! Breathe life into your design aesthetic and create a beautiful bouquet with carefully curated flowers and Flex Tape.

Our powerful waterproof tape’s rubber backing is strong, flexible, and will wrap securely around flower stems, holding them in place.


Flex Tape Mini

Flex Glue Mini

● Flowers of your choosing

● Ribbon


1. Tape Stems Together

Start by pinching the stems tightly together. Then, begin to wrap Flex Tape carefully around the stems, leaving room at the top so the tape doesn’t create too high of a collar.

2. Secure Tape

Press down firmly on the Flex Tape to create a strong bond, which will become even stronger with time and pressure.

3. Wrap Ribbon Around Tape

With the Flex Tape in place, take your ribbon of choice and wrap around the tape binding, covering up the tape completely.

4. Apply Glue to Secure Ribbon

Once the ribbon placement is to your liking, use Flex Glue to secure the ends.

Apply Flex Glue to the edge of the ribbon, but be sure to leave enough room, so there is no overflow of glue when you press down firmly (10-30 seconds) to create an instant bond.

And there you have it – a beautiful DIY wedding bouquet that’s delicate enough to hold yet tough enough to throw to a crowd!

3. DIY Wedding Centerpieces with Flex Glue

Centerpieces are beautiful, and they can be a great way to bring together meaningful elements that represent you and your partner. Flex Glue Clear is perfect for bonding together craft projects, like this stunning candle centerpiece.


Flex Glue Mini Clear

● Foam Pieces

● Candelabras

● Candles

● Florals of your choosing

● Glass Votives


1. Organize Foam Pieces and Cut If Needed

When putting your centerpieces together, make sure your dry foam pieces are the same size. If they aren’t, you will need to cut them down so they fit snuggly inside the rim of the candelabra.

2. Apply Glue to Candelabra

Apply Flex Glue around the inside of the candelabra’s rim.

3. Press Foam into Place

Firmly press the dry foam into place and hold for 10-30 seconds for instant adhesion.

Flexpert Tip: Don’t press down too hard, or you will compromise the shape of the foam.

4. Place Florals

Place your chosen florals around the outside of the dry foam to cover it up while also leaving the top clear for the glass votive to be added.

5. Apply Glue to Votive

Apply Flex Glue Mini Clear to the bottom of the glass votive in the center.

6. Press Votive into Place

Carefully but firmly, press the votive into the center of the dry foam, holding it in place for 10-30 seconds to ensure a secure bond.

All that’s left is to add your candle and put the centerpiece on display!

These these DIY wedding decorations will be a huge hit on your special day. whether you decide to make table numbers beautiful bouquets candle centerpieces or all three flex seal minis can help bring rustic decor life.


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