Flex Seal MAX Commercial

All over the world, mysterious occurrences have been happening. Massive impressions, colossal riddles, and an ancient prophecy that predicted, "One will come to fix all that is massively broken, sealing humanity's fate."

The biggest commercial in Flex Seal history is proof the ancient prophecy is true! Giant Phil Swift has arrived with Flex Seal MAX! When you need maximum coverage and sealing power, TAKE IT TO THE MAX with Flex MAX!

Behind the Scenes: Flex Seal MAX Commercial

Go behind the scenes in our exclusive 5-part series to witness how our GIANT NEW Flex Seal® MAX commercial came to life!

Episode 1: Behind The Leaks...

Episode 2: DAM… those special FX!

Episode 3: An Air Born Director & Massive Wave of Damage!

Episode 4: The Legion of Legends. Phil Swift & Hollywood Heavies.

Episode 5: Bloop’n Insanity with Phil Swift.

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