Repair Kits Under $10

Our kits are the perfect way to get exactly what you need for your specific repairs. Plus, you can save up to 12% versus buying the kit components separately*. That’s what we call a “win-win.”

    *Savings apply to Pool Patch & Repair and Auto/RV Repair Kits only.

    Flex Seal Kits may ship separately from other Flex Seal products.

    Pool Patch & Repair Kit

    Don’t let a rip, tear or hole keep you from enjoying your pool. This kit comes with everything you need to make fast, long-lasting repairs. It even works underwater. Perfect for: above ground and in-ground pools, leaking pool liners and plumbing, damaged pool covers, hot tubs and spas, loosened pool tiles, torn or broken patio furniture, and more.

    This Discounted Kit Includes:

    • 1 Flex Glue Mini Clear, 0.6 oz. tube

    • 2 Flex Tape Mini Clear, 3″ x 4″ patches

    WARNING: California Proposition 65 Notice.

    Auto/RV Repair Kit

    Perfect for making quick fixes to cars, trucks, and RVs while on the road. Excellent for repairing upholstery rips and tears, bumpers, side panels, headlights, weather stripping, mirrors, knobs, trim molding, antennas, vents, and more.

    This Discounted Kit Includes:

    • 1 Flex Glue Mini, white, .75 oz. tube

    • 1 Flex Tape Mini Clear, 3″ x 4″ patch

    • 1 Flex Tape Mini, black, 3″ x 4″ patch

    Inflatable Patch & Repair Kit

    Rips, punctures, and tears are no match for these super strong, rubberized, crystal clear patches. Use them to make quick, long-lasting repairs on all types of smooth plastic, inflatable PVC surfaces. They’re UV resistant and VOC-free. Perfect for: air mattresses, inflatable toys and pools, pool liners, rafts & floats, waterbeds, inflatable chairs, floating beverage coolers, bounce houses, inflatable yard and holiday decorations, and more. Available in 2-packs and 4-packs.


    • 2 or 4 crystal clear 3" x 4" patches

    For the initial application, do not apply to a wet surface. Not recommended for rough, textured, or velvet surfaces.

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