Flood Tools

Proper application of our Flood Protection products can make all the difference between staying dry and catastrophic flood damage. That’s why we strongly recommend having the right tools on hand to help maximize the quality of your Flood Protection application and ensure your safety.  

    Caulk Guns

    Our caulk guns are used for applying Flex Paste® Flood Protection in a Cartridge and provide precise control for superior application. They feature a heavy-duty metal barrel, handle, rod, and plate, and a premium finish for maximum durability. Our Standard Caulk Gun is designed for use with 9oz cartridges, and our XL Caulk Gun is designed for use with 28oz MAX cartridges and feature a built-in spout cutter and seal punch. Sold individually.

    Gap Filler Tool

    Our Flex Gap Filler tool is used to push Flex Flood Protection Paste deep into all gaps, seams, and crevices to help create a watertight seal. They feature two different sized flexible silicone pads for filling various gap widths, and an ergonomic handle for comfort. Sold in packs of 4.

    2” Paint Brush

    These 2” brushes are excellent for applying Flex Seal Liquid® Flood Protection, your final coat of flood protection. They provide precise, streak-free lines and feature a sturdy durable construction, ergonomic wood handles, and stainless-steel crimped metal ferrules. Sold in packs of 6.

    Safety Glasses

    These clear, lightweight safety glasses are designed for both protection and comfort. They help keep eyes shielded from debris and feature a snug fit that helps prevent sliding. Sold in packs of 2.

    *All Flood Protection tools are shipped separately from Flood Protection products.