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Here at Flex Seal®, we pride ourselves on creating useful products that really do work, as well as interesting and memorable commercials marketing our innovative products.

The first Flex Seal® commercial aired in March of 2011, and since then we have grown the product line into the 5 products you will learn about in this training deck.

Be sure to familiarize yourself with the commercials as customers will always reference our CEO and pitchman, Phil Swift. They will also bring up “the boat from the commercials”. Depending on which activation unit we are using we may have one or two of the boats on display. The most important fact about our commercials is that everything is real. Nothing was done with camera tricks or fake boats.

Our main goals at these events are:

To Engage

The consumer so they can experience our products firsthand. We started as an “As Seen On TV” company, and because of that some people aren’t convinced our products really work until they can see and feel it for themselves.

To Educate

The consumer on how to properly use our products. If we do get any negative feedback, it is usually due to consumer error, or they simply used it in an application that our products are not made for. It is your job to turn the consumer into a fan of our brand, and to turn fans into loyal superfans.

To Entertain

We want the consumer to walk away with not only a positive image of our products, but also a positive image of our brand as a whole. The more fun you have at these events, the more fun they will have at our booth, and in turn will always associate Flex Seal with the interaction they had at the event.

Thank you for becoming a part of our family and we hope you enjoy your time with us!




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