Why Choose Flex Seal Liquid? Because It Works™

The World's Leading Liquid Rubber Sealant

Benefits of Flex Seal Liquid

● Easy to use and long lasting

● Less coats required

● Dries and cures quickly

● Flexible, durable, and versatile

● Simply put: Because it works™

See what real customers have said about our products

This stuff is great

"My house was built in 1905 and I tried two other products to get my basement dry, which did not work. Flex Seal Liquid Rubber got the job done."

Ron P., Amazon Customer

Just in time for flood season

"No sooner than the application was finished and dry, we had a week of torrential rain. The storage area in the basement was dry! Highly recommend!"

J.H., Amazon Customer

Better than expected

"I received a quote to remove rusty spots in the rain grooves on the roof of my wife's 04 Explorer... We live in South West Oregon so could get 100 inches of rain per year. August 2019, still no leaks or bubbling, or any signs of concern. Bravo, better than I had hoped..."

Terry Rowland, Amazon Customer

If there were 10 stars...

If there were 10 stars I would have checked that! I will always have this product in my workshop. I had an outdoor fountain that was leaking. I tried at least 4 other products and nothing worked. Eventually I tried Liquid Flex Seal. I turned the fountain upside-down and poured the liquid all over the base. After 24 hours, I repeated the process. Another 24 hours and I filled the base with water, plugged it in, and no leaks!"


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