JonTron – Flex Tape II: The Flexening Video and BTS


Almost a year after JonTron released the epic YouTube video “Waterproofing My Life with FLEX TAPE” amassing millions of views, JonTron is back and delivers a mind-blowing sequel he knew we wanted – NEEDED, and boy does it deliver! How else do you top the original viral video where power tools are dipped in Flex Seal, than by partnering with The Man himself, Phil Swift. Known for his highly entertaining how-to and DIY home improvement videos, Phil showcases his line of Flex Seal Products in the most memorable ways. Let us not forget his famous “I sawed this boat in half!” quote where he slices a boat in two and then rides off into the sunset on his Flex Taped boat.

The pop-culture superstars collaborate to bring us “Flex Tape II: The Flexening”. What ensues is nothing short of the most ambitious crossover event in human history. The video perfectly highlights both brands and the personalities behind them in a way only a true YouTube top-dog could. The unstoppable meme moguls combine to deliver a truly legendary video that is worth the wait and for the first time, reveals our very own Flex World!

Both of these social media icons are famous for their memes that set the internet on fire. Phil Swift, also known for his “That’s a lotta damage” catch phrase has taken a life of its own. Don’t be surprised if Flex World becomes a reality. Don’t forget to check out our Phil Swift shirts and meme-based merchandise. You’ll be shouting “I’ll take your entire stock” to the top of Flex Seal Mountain, just like JonTron in “The Flexening”.

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