Phil Swift and the Sealers Take It to the Max

Phil Swift is taking rock ‘n’ roll by storm with his new band, Phil Swift and the Sealers! They sealed a deal with Liquid Rubber Records and released their smash-hit single, “Take It to the Max.”

This bonded group is so close, you’d think they are one. Together, as Phil Swift and the Sealers, they share a unified vision of leak-stopping rock glory. With Phil on drums, Gutter Von Bond on lead vocals, Tex “Flood” Phillips on guitar, Phlemmy bringing the thunder on bass, and Pat “Chez” Damage on keyboards, this up-and-coming group is leap frogging “super popular” and heading directly to “legendary.”

Meet the Band

Each member of the band has their own unique style and personality, which was quite apparent during our recent Q&A session with the group.

Phil Swift

The drummer and heart of the band founded The Sealers from a group of lifelong friends who also happen to be veteran rock road warriors.

Q: What inspired you to form the band and make music?

A: So, I’ve cut boats in half. I’ve smashed through glass. I’ve turned a truck into a sub. I’ve even stabbed the crap out of that bucket, which caused a lot of damage. But there was still something missing. Finally, I realized what it was. Music! Hard-driving rock and roll music. So, I formed a killer band, Phil Swift and the Sealers. Then we wrote a killer song.


An Aussie rocker who is as serious about the band’s bond as he is about food – he’s got his mind on his sandwich and his sandwich on his mind.

Q: What is your favorite performance venue?

A: Madison Square Garden. It’s placed right in the heart of New York City and there are just so many sandwiches! Reubens, tuna melts, Cubans…so many sandwiches. They’ve even got ice cream sandwiches!

Gutter Von Bond

Lead vocalist and consummate New Yorker, GVB is a streetwise, no-nonsense kid from Brooklyn with a perfect set of pipes for Phil Swift and The Sealers. His focus is exclusively on the music.

Q: What's the best piece of advice another musician ever gave you?

A: I’ve learned a lot of secrets over the years. A lot of beauty secrets, you know. Like hair care tips, makeup, that kind of stuff. But Dee Snider gave me great advice. He told me to keep it natural and that’s what I’ve done. Look at these flowing locks.

Tex “Flood” Phillips

Once the notorious ladies’ man of the band, Tex now plays to satisfy a more cerebral need… cold hard cash. With more ex-wives and children than he can count, Tex plays his guitar with all the passion of a man behind on his payments.

Q: What makes you passionate about playing music?

A: I’m not saying I do it for the money, but if I did do it for the money, which I don’t, I would be playing music to motivate my fans to buy lots of merch and concert tickets to our Take it to The Max tour.

Pat “Chez” Damage

The keyboardist is easily the most “damaged” member of the band, whether it’s playing high stakes poker with ZZ Top, doing goat yoga with Alice Cooper, or “modifying” Keith Emerson’s Moog with a chainsaw, Pat “Chez” always has a story to tell… if he can remember.

Q: Describe your creative process when you write new music.

A: It just comes to me. I’m like a lightning rod, constantly getting zapped by creativity. I just keep getting zapped and zapped until I smell something burning, and that’s usually either my hair or a new song. I think Take it to The Max tells a universal, cosmic story of leaks and cracks and… wait, what was I saying?

Taking the Music Industry by Storm

Fans of all ages can’t seem to get enough of Phil Swift and the Sealers, including some big names in the music industry. Rock legend, Dee Snider of Twisted Sister, being one of them.

“Phil Swift crushes it on the drums, but I was a little surprised when I saw The Sealers live,” said Snider. “I was sure his drum kit would be made entirely out of Flex Seal!"

Rumor has it, Phil Swift and the Sealers premiere performance caused a world record earthquake. A nearby seismometer recorded a magnitude 9.9 quake during the band’s live concert in NYC.

Piper Leaks, a fan who attended the show said, “The venue shook so much that two speakers fell off the stage and smashed onto the floor. Now that’s a lot of damage!”

When asked about the damage, Swift replied, “All I can say is, we turn it up to the MAX!”

Ready to rock out with Phil Swift and the Sealers? Learn the “Take It to the Max” song lyrics here. You can also stream the hit single on Spotify!

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