Flex Seal Serves Up Appreciation at Pickleball Clinic for First Responders

There are two things we really appreciate here at Flex Seal – our incredible first responders and a friendly game of pickleball. Combine the two, and you have yourself a perfect day filled with Flextastic memories!

The Flex Seal® Family of Products sponsored the “2021 Davie Summer Pickleball Classic Tournament,” hosted by Steve Kennedy, Professional Pickleball Player and Lead Instructor for Engage Pickleball. Approximately 100 participants, volunteers and pickleball pros gathered at Bamford Sports Complex in Davie, Florida to show appreciation to local First Responders on the first day of this weekend-long tournament.

“Flex Seal’s support means so much to me,” Kennedy expressed.

Steve Kennedy playing pickleball with First Responders at the free clinic. Photo by Flex Seal Studios

“Our First Responders deserve all of our appreciation,” Kennedy said. “I have my own connections to First Responders through my family, so this is a cause that is important to me," Kennedy hoped this event would be a fun way to thank First Responders for keeping us and our community safe. And fun it was!

Steve Kennedy teaching the clinic with a Pickleball Pro. Photo by Flex Seal Studios

The day started off with a free clinic, which was designed to help First Responders learn how to play the sport and practice with the pros. The pros taught for nearly an hour, taking their time to explain rules, game etiquette, and how (of course) to win. The tips from the pros included “staying FLEXible while learning a new sport” and “staying out of the kitchen,” which is the non-volley zone on the court. This means you can’t step into the kitchen area to hit the ball over the net. If you know, you know.

Steve Kennedy takes the time to give pro tips to the Davie Fire and Rescue team. Photo by Flex Seal Studios

After the clinic came the raffle! What was the prize? An exclusive professional paddle made by contributing event sponsor, Engage Pickleball, to encourage participants to continue practicing the sport. These paddles were made of high-quality materials and decked out with the Flex Seal logo.

First Responders with the new pickleball paddles. Photo by Flex Seal Studios

“We were proud to work on these paddles with Steve and Flex Seal” said Robert Elliott, Executive Director of Engage Sporting. “To give these to our local heroes means giving them a new favorite hobby when they aren’t serving our local community. To us, that’s priceless.”

The celebration was lively, with music and a friendly corn hole game for the spectators. The appreciation event went into the evening with a tasty BBQ dinner to honor the local First Responders. There was also a live concert from Sony Music Nashville country music singer/songwriter Tommy Karlas, who sang his own song about Pickleball to close out the festivities.

First Responders playing pickleball. Photo by Flex Seal Studios

“Flex Seal Family of Products stands with our First Responders, and it is important to show our appreciation, now more than ever, following the difficult year we all faced,” said Phil Swift, CEO, Inventor and Spokesperson for The Flex Seal Family of Products. “Our First Responders worked through the pandemic and kept our community going.”

It’s a proud day when The Flex Seal Family of Products and the local community can show their appreciation for all who work tirelessly to keep our communities safe and protected.

We hope you can join us at the next Flex Seal Family of Products event!

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