About Us

Swift Response, LLC, the creator of The Flex Seal® Family of Products, is family owned and headquartered in Weston, Florida. Founded in 2011 by brothers Phil and Alan Swift, the company is widely known for their innovative rubberized sealants, tapes and adhesives. The company continues to follow a course marked by explosive growth and worldwide brand recognition. Beginning with the tremendous success of the original Flex Seal aerosol, the product line has grown to include Flex Seal Liquid, Flex Shot, Flex Tape, Flex Glue and Flex Paste. Today, The Flex Seal Family of Products can be found at major retailers in over thirty countries across the globe.

Inventor and Chief Executive Officer Phil Swift, continues to be the face and driving force of the well-known brand. Flex Seal’s groundbreaking, world-famous commercials have created tremendous brand equity and a strong fanbase for Phil and the company. The brand is often mentioned in the news and blogs, and often referenced in movies and television. With over ten million followers on social media, The Flex Seal® Family of Products continues to shatter major milestones, receiving multiple industry awards along the way in recognition of the company’s many achievements and firsts.

Innovation is in our DNA. And providing the highest quality products for everyday solutions is at our core. Our company started with family. And with each new hire, our family grows. We’ve been lucky enough to hire some of the best and brightest. So, it’s no coincidence that our products are best-in-class.

Ultimately, we’re an idea company. But we’re also doers. And when you put the two together, along with all the support, respect and the resources needed to excel, you end up making a lot of products that REALLY work. That’s our formula… Because It Works.

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