Thaw Out Kit

When the ice melts, that can mean leaks, seepage, and all sorts of repairs.  Be ready with our Thaw Out Kit.

This Discounted Bundle Includes:

• 2 Flex Seal Clear, 14 oz. spray

• 1 Flex Seal Liquid Clear, 16 oz. pint

• 1 Flex Shot Clear, 8 oz. can

• 1 Flex Tape Clear, 4" x 5' roll

• 1 Flex Glue, white, 6 oz. tube

Regular price: $94.94 (save over 10%*)

Thaw Out Kit

WARNING: California Proposition 65 Notice.

This discounted bundle includes:

FLEX SEAL® - The easy to use rubberized coating that seeps into cracks and holes, then dries to a watertight, flexible coating. Once dry, Flex Seal can be painted over. The easy way to coat, seal, protect and STOP LEAKS FAST!

FLEX TAPE ® - Instantly patch, bond, seal virtually anything. It can be applied on dry or wet surfaces and it even works underwater!

FLEX GLUE® - The super strong, waterproof adhesive with amazing instant grab and hold. Can be applied on dry or wet surfaces, even underwater. Solvent-free, paintable, and no run and drip for overhead applications.

FLEX SEAL LIQUID® - The super thick rubberized liquid that you can brush, roll, dip or pour. It starts out as a thick liquid and dries to a strong, flexible, watertight, rubberized coating. Seals out air, water and moisture and is mildew, chemical and UV resistant.

FLEX SHOT® - Caulk, bond, and seal virtually everything. No need for a bulky caulking gun, just push the nozzle for a perfect bead every time. No running or dripping and never shrinks or cracks.

*Savings based on price of buying bundle or kit components separately.

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