Flood Protection Tape

Removable waterproof tape that helps stop floodwater.

Option: 3.75"x20'
Color: Yellow

• Flood Protection Tape instantly bonds to surfaces.

• Comes extra-wide to help seal large openings.

• Can be used on both horizontal and vertical surfaces.

• Flood Protection Tape should ONLY be used on smooth, even, flat surfaces and ALWAYS in combination with our other Flood Protection Products.

• When floodwaters recede, our Flood Protection Tape can be easily removed.

For complete instructions, visit flexsealproducts.com/flood.

No water penetration through 1/2 inch gaps at depths up to 2 feet, for 14 days. UL Verified. VerifyUL.com. V855276

When used as directed, our Flood Protection Tape has been independently verified by UL Solutions to hold back 2ft of water for 14 days on gaps up to ½ inch. Tested in laboratory settings.

Patent Pending for Products and Uses.

Our Flood Protection Tape has a strong, waterproof backing and a powerful adhesive that seals out water.

Flood Protection Tape should ONLY be used on smooth, even, flat surfaces and ALWAYS in combination with our other Flood Protection Products. Do NOT bend around corners or irregular shapes. Once flood waters recede, our Flood Tape can be easily removed.

When applying Flood Protection Tape, use firm pressure and remove any air pockets, creases or folds that may have formed. Always cover the Flood Tape, edges and conners with our Flood Paste or Liquid. Making sure each coat is wider and overlaps the Tape and previous coats. For complete instructions go to: flexsealproducts.com/flood.


There is no dry time needed for Flood Protection Tape.


Flood Tape is available in 3.75-inch and 7.5-inch widths, at either 20' in length, or our MAX size, available in a length of 50'.


Always follow state and local weather advisories and evacuation orders. Depending on age and type of construction, there may be areas that cannot be seen or sealed. Unsealed porous surfaces may seep water during extended underwater exposure. Our Flood Protection Products are NOT intended for flash floods, extreme winds or water pressure, to protect against flying or floating debris, or if there is structural damage to the building.


All of our Flood Protection products are Patent Pending for both products and uses.

Made in the USA with globally sourced materials.

Color of product is high-visibility yellow.

For more information on UL testing, click here.

40% savings based on price per square foot, compared to our 20' rolls.

How To Use Flex Tape Flood Protection

For complete instructions go to: flexsealproducts.com/flood

Read entire label for directions and warnings before use.

• Apply to the exterior of the structure.

• Make sure the area is clean, dry, and free of grease, oil, and dirt.

• Use only on on smooth, even, nonporous surfaces. Do not bend tape around corners or irregular shapes.

• Measure area being sealed, leave clear liner on Tape and cut to desired length using a razor or sharp tool.

• Peel a small portion of the liner and firmly press the sticky side to the surface.

• Slowly peel away the backing as you continue to press on the surface.

• Using your fingers, plastic squeegee, or roller, press firmly to remove any creases, folds or air pockets.

• Once applied, use our Flood Protection Paste, Liquid, or Spray around the edges of the Tape to help prevent seepage.

• Adhesive bond is strengthened by applying firm pressure and will strengthen over time.


Grab a small portion of material from an edge and pull away from the structure. Using a small pair of pliers may be necessary. If any residue is left on the surface, use a stiff nylon brush, paper towel or rag with denatured alcohol to clean the area.