Holiday Merch Bundle

Our first ever Holiday Merch Bundle is for all those with a passion for fashion, fixing and saving. This is the height of DIY fashion, and features everything you need to make a bold statement that says, I wear it as well as I repair it.

This bundle contains over $100 worth of merchandise for a low price of just $50.

Your Flex look will include the following finery:

Black Logo T-shirt (in the size of your choice), Adjustable Snap-back Cap, Warm Flex On! Knit Beanie, Sunglasses, Koozie, Red Mug, White and Black Tumbler's, Convenient Red Travel Bag, Sticker Sheet, Popsocket, 1oz Hand Sanitizer, Keychain, Phil fans, Stretchy Hair Ties, Hydrating Chapstick, Waterproof Poncho, and more!

Holiday Merch Bundle
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